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When you are not in agreement with someone you can't have a positive interaction, and you will not benefit by anything they say. In this teaching, Georgina shares how she can stand victoriously in any situation by being in one accord with the words of God and how it will work for you. (12:10)


What Keith Says...

I couldn't resist this thumbnail photo, LOL Ecclesiastes (:10 Says,"Whatsover your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." In this video I tried to help us all understand that in this season of trials, turmoils and hurricanes, we all can't help the same way, but we can do something! Hope this blesses you! (8:11)


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By Lana Vawser
Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the Lord saying over and over "Come away, does not mean delay". I saw an invitation from the heart of the Lord as we have moved into 5778 and as we move into 2018, that there are specific calls from the Lord amidst the acceleration, amidst the breakthrough, amidst the increase of favour to "come away". There are going to be very specific moments in this new season where the Lord is going to be calling His people to 'come away'. That DOES NOT mean delay. There is a "come away" that the Lord is releasing in the NEW BEGINNING.

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Faith Is...

What happens when all you call your own comes crumbling down around you? We create our own future by what we speak, so I encourage you to be like Abraham and walk it our by speaking life not death. Let me share with you this principle. (11:46)


Revelations of Identity

In this teaching Georgina helps us understand that even if we don't know our own Identity, by having a renewed mind we can have an understanding who God is. Then we can receive the revelation of how our Identity is created in His likeness. (13:56)


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