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Some believers walk in constant torment, however, that is not from God. Georgina gives us insight on what to do when all we see is darkness.  God gives us freedom from torment of any kind. Rejoice, for his plan is of victory. (10.58)


What Keith Says...

If the lawn mower could have gotten up against the tree, it could have damaged it, scraped it's bark, or even gouged into it. But, it couldn't because there was a moat, a border of protection around it's base. The Spirit of the Lord showed me something and I want to share it with you in this short video blog, I hope it encourages you. Please "Like " it and Share it when you do. Thanks! (2:49)


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Walking Where You Are

By Joan Almond
...Arriving at the restaurant I opened the door. Suddenly, I tumbled forward as I missed a small step. You know that feeling when you are falling and you're trying to catch yourself. It seems endless as though everything is happening in slow motion. How will it all turn out? Lol. You're unaware of the words you spoke, or the sounds that came out of your mouth as you tried to regain your balance. You pray in God's 'limitless grace' no one reminds you either. Lol...

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Faith Is...

Fixed, set, firm, and unchangeable is how our faith should be. When you see something set before you from the heavenly Father, and believe it, then recieve it, you will be able to fullfill the destiny which God has planned for you. In this 12 minute video, Georgina shares from her heart the way to walk with this kind of faith.


Revelations of Identity

Walking in victory, knowing who we are, these are things which the enemy of our soul tries to dismantle within us. In this the 4th teaching on the Revelations of Identity, Georgina shares again from personal experiences, how that the Word of God and His Spirit within us can help us walk away from the enemy's deceptions. (17:25)


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