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People oft times go through life, saying, "I don't understand why God doesn't..." When we just have to get in agreement with Him to see His plans start to unfold. "His will be done" is what He desires to hear us say. Georgina talks about this agreement and what it will benefit you. (11:52)


What Keith Says...

We all get a bit frustrated when something sets us back, or pushes us the opposite way from what we want, right? Well, I've been there and done that too, but here is what I've learned and I'd like to share it with you. (9:58)


Featured Article

Dead Promises Restored To Life

By Elaine Tavolacci
There is a phenomenal story in the book of 2 Kings Chapter 4: 8- 36 of the prophet Elisha, who went into a town called Shunem (Shunem means double resting place). There was a prominent woman there who prepared a meal for him and built a small upper room for him to stay each time he came to town. The room had a bed, a table, a chair and a lamp stand. She prepared this place for him because she perceived the anointing on his life.

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Faith Is...

What happens when all you call your own comes crumbling down around you? We create our own future by what we speak, so I encourage you to be like Abraham and walk it our by speaking life not death. Let me share with you this principle.


Revelations of Identity


I don't know how, God knows how, but will he do it for me?" These are statements too often heard or spoken by those in the midst of trials, or turmoil. But for those who trust the Word of the Lord, the answer is sure. Yes, He will do whatever is needed for you. Georgina shares a wonderful word about this! (12:40)


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