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When we look at the situations that are before you with a normal eyes you can't always see the truth. But, when you ask the Spirit of God to open your eyes you will see that issue as it really is. Georgina uses the story of Elisha and his servant to share this great truth. (13:55)


What Keith Says...

We all think we know our path in life, but what is suddenly it's covered and we're not sure of what to do? Ginger ran ito that problem and I was able to get her through it, just like the Father can do for you in your life. Take a couple of minutes to visit with me about what to do when your pathway is covered. (3:43)


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By Lana Vawser
. . .The new land the Lord is leading you into, the new land the Lord is securing for you is not going to look anything like the land you have been in before, but don't fight the changes. Don't fear in the new land, for the securing of the new land is such a BEAUTIFUL PLEASANT PLACE. It is a place where you will know JOY unlike you have known. You will know PEACE unlike you have known. . .

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Faith Is...

"Give me more proof," I: will believe when I see It," these two statements are the premier statements of unbelief, yet, both of these wer spoke about a divine happening. Are there situations, or words of promise form God which you question because you have only heard and not seen? After this teaching you will understand what Jesus said to Thomas, "Blessed are those who beleive even before they see!" (12:00)


Revelations of Identity

One of the greatest struggles in the world today is the understanding of "who am I", and "what is my identity". Satan's deception of Adam and Eve in the garden caused a veil of darkness to cover the real Identity of so many. In this first teaching about our Identity, Georgina has been given some wonderful revelations from the Father about how to understand our real Identity! (18:49)


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