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Do you ever feel weighted down by the events, or the memories of the past. Are your memories of your past more prevalent than your visions of the future? In this very short video, Georgina says, "Mine were, now I want to share with you what the Heavenly Father told me on how to overcome!" (7:12)


What Keith Says...

Don't miss out on the wonderful things that can be found in the forest beside the trees.  I want to encourage you with a thought to stimulate your daily walk. Take (2:45) and see what I have to share with you today.


Featured Article

Then Came The Morning

By Georgina Buchanan
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, I write with great excitment and most of all great expectations! The season of time we are currently in is one of which has never been before. In this season our Heavenly Father holds the center of attention. All eyes are on him. For some of us the past season was, well to put it plainly, "a doozie!" It was filled with delays, setback, turn backs, road blocks and many, many, disappointments.

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Faith Is...

Our Heavenly Father has more for us than we can see - beyond where we are, or what we are doing, however, when we reach a point where can "see what He says" we will be able to understand what He has for us. Georgina shares that adventure in this video. (13:53)


Revelations of Identity

In this the 3rd of the series on "Revelations of Identity" Georgina shares from personal experiences and more what to do when the plans of your life don't seem to work like it should. Many times it is the enemy of our souls trying to shut you down. But God's Word has the answers. (18:45)


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