Keys Needed to Avert the Danger Ahead

Keys Needed to Avert the Danger Ahead

By Taffie Beisecker

There's no questioning that we, as Believers have a very real enemy. If he can't have our spirit, he most certainly wants to rob us of anything and everything else that he possibly can. He's cunning, and more often than not, deceptively posing as something he's not. Here's the catch in that, with everything that our enemy is, God is much more! Which means, for every plan and snare the enemy sets for us, God has a plan already intact to stop us from stepping foot into the trap.

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This video teaching is from a while back but so full of hope and truth. We have all said, "Give me more proof, I will believe when I see It,"These two statements are the premier statements of unbelief, yet, both of these were spoken about a divine happening. Are there situations, or words of promises from God which you question because you have only heard and not seen? After this teaching you will understand.      Prophet Georgina Buchanan                         More


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