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This is one of the most favored of Georginas videos.  We know this will encourage you and give you Hope!

Thinkng like God thinks is not always easy. Our natural mind set is often negative and full of questions. But, Father wants us to have a RENEWED MIND, a mind with His thoughts, visions, and answers.  Georgina shares how God has taught her the power of the Renewed Mind.


What Keith Says...

I hope you enjoy the "outside" stories i share with you, but it brings me such peace which I try to bring to you. Today I saw dandelions in the light that didn't show up in the darker shaded areas, and what the Spirit of the Lord told me, brought me even more peace. Please take just a few minutes (6:25) and receive this encouragement!


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By Georgina Buchanan
...When God gives us a promise you can be assured we will NOT be able to achieve it with our own physical abilities.  In verse 7, chapter 12 of Genesis, God told Abram that his offspring would inherit the land he was standing on. Sarai had always been barren and Abram was getting older by the day.  ALL of God's promises were humanly IMPOSSIBLE and that brings me to where we are TODAY.

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Faith Is...

The Word of God never fails, and is always a promise to come. Luke tells us how Mary recieve the promise eventho she did not understand it and claimed it in Faith believing by sayin, "Be it unto me, even as you have said." This teaching will help you say the same thing to your heavenly Father today! (12:00)


Revelations of Identity

Walking in victory, knowing who we are, these are things which the enemy of our soul tries to dismantle within us. In this the 4th teaching on the Revelations of Identity, Georgina shares again from personal experiences, how that the Word of God and His Spirit within us can help us walk away from the enemy's deceptions. (17:25)


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