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Georgina reminds us in this short encouraging word that God has said "we are going to be seeing and receiving the manifested Glory of God" in this time. We must reach out and receive His presence. Don't be tricked by the lies of the enemy. Isaiah 43:18-19 God tells us to forget the past and look forward to the New Things He is doing for us. In the midst of all that tries to shake us, God tells us, "stand still and see what I can do for you!" Exodus 14:13. (8:02)


What Keith Says...

When others look at you, what do they see? We hope that they would see a reflection of something good, right? But they will only see what you have been feeding on, what you have been looking at, because "what goes in, is what comes out". In the book of John, it is recorded that Jesus is saying to the Father, I only do what you tell me to do, I see you and they see me, so let them see the reflection of you" (paraphrase mine) If we have the glory of Jesus in us it will reflect so that others will see Him! That is what we must Be the Reflection of! Join me for just a few minutes as I share these thoughts on what others see when they look at us. (10:48)

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Featured Article


By Elaine Tavolacci
This morning I was thinking about an old phrase that we are all familiar with "April Showers bring May Flowers". The Holy Spirit then quickened this scripture to me from Zechariah 10:1. "Ask the Lord for rain, in the time of the latter rain". The Lord will make flashing clouds, He will give them showers of rain, grass in the field for everyone. Then I heard the Lord say: April is going to be the beginning of "Springtime and Harvest" and our barren season is coming to an end. We will begin to see the harvest of all the seeds that we've sown.

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Faith Is...

When we come into agreement with God's plans, by keeping our eyes on Him and not the world around us He will make the pain and sorrow pass. As we trust in His Word we will soon begin to see that what He does is always more than enough. All of the shackles of life and it's torments will fall off! Be excited with what He has promised and stand strong,

Hold the Line, don't back up or give in, because God does not disappoint! (14:08)

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Revelations of Identity

In this audio teaching Georgina shares the story of Saul and his impatient act that cost him his Kingdom. Your destiny can be determined by the decisions you make in the times of delays. Stand firm on the promises God has made you. His word is true and faithful, and His timing is always right. Set your face like flint, firm on your focus as you follow God, He will sustain you until the time is right for you to move.(15:55)


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