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Featured Media

With all the evil and troubles in the world today, it's hard to not be overcome with fear. In the Storm God always comes forth with encouragement and hope. Prophet Georgina shares a word over you of hope and promise for YOU are an OVERCOMER!.  (51:23)

For more information about Up Front in The Prophetic > www.upfrontintheprophetic.com


What Keith Says...

Have you ever looked close at a bumble bee? Little tiny wings and big fat body, and yet they can fly! God did that! and you know He has done so many things that are beyond our understanding, and He will do some of those things just for you. I want to share just a bit about the wonder working power and care of our Heavenly Father, He has got so much in store for each one of us, and He can help us Fly just as well as the little bumble bee! 


Featured Article

An Eruption of God's Promises That Can't Be Stopped!

By Andrew Towe, Chattanooga, TN
...The enemy has come to interrupt God's plan and to hinder the prophetic words that were declared through His prophets for 2020. This onslaught of attack has been sent 1) to cloud your 2020 vision, 2) to cause disorder, and 3) to break apart and cause turmoil in every direction. Nevertheless, God's Word will come to pass. Be encouraged, Beloved, every promise that God has made concerning this year is not void and will come to pass!...

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Faith Is...

Georgina welcomes you to a Place of Revelation, Here is a word of encouragement! No one knows the mind of God, But He has a plan that is a good plan, Jeremiah 29:11, and if we will call on Him, He will share it with us,Jeremiah 33:3. Don't allow the darkness of this world to try and entangle you in fear or frustration. God is making the way before us exciting, free of fear and full of His joy. Because He is up to Something Great for all who will trust in Him and receive His words of hope and encouragement. He way is better and filled with good things just for you! (24:08)


Revelations of Identity

In this audio teaching of prophetic hope, Georgina shares with us some wonderful principles of God. Here are just a few to give you a taste of what you will hear from her. #1, Nothing surprises God, and He says, "I am going to erase the effects of this virus." #2, God has promised you double for what has been taken from you, and #3, He is creating in you a hunger for Him and what He has to complete in you, and there is more. Grab a pen and paper because there are more wonderful things you are going to want to write down. Please leave her a comment and subscribe to Georgina's channel for more encouraging words! (19:28)


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