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If you feel like you have been walking a Tight Rope, know this, you probably have been. The Spirit of the Lord has been training you for your Destiny. Even though you might feel like you have been battered on every side, that the Tight Rope is shaking underneath you, Keep you eyes on the Father and He will bring you through. Georgina has a fresh Word on this and shares it with us in this (20min) audio teaching. You will be encouraged, and see on past what the enemy is trying to distract you with. You are on your way to Victory and your Destiny.


What Keith Says...

Revelation 4:11 cries out, "Thou art Worthy, O Lord!" What a powerful statement about our Heavenly Father! This morning I was awakened with those words rolling over and over in my spirit. I want to share with you what rolled up from within me about the effect of these words in my past life, our lives now, and the hope of our futures. He is Worthy, and I want you to get this truth burning within your heart, like it is in mine. Please let me know how this touches your life, comment, like or shoot me an email. Thank you for stopping by and receiving this word.(14:49)


Featured Article

In This Season of Turmoil, Laugh the Laugh of Faith

By Russ Walden, Green Valley, Arizona
...What of those problems and situations that seem to loom so large over your life? Open your mouth and laugh. Laugh the laugh of faith. I am seated in the heavens and I laugh, and you are seated in Me in Christ, so LET MY LAUGH in the HEAVENS be heard on the earth and even in your circumstance...

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Faith Is...

We are all on a journey, and when God pushes us forward into the unknown of our destiny we have to trust in Him to open the Doors before us that sometimes we don't even see till we are right upon them. Georgina shares with us today some prophetic words from the Father that will encourage you. Knowing that He will open the right Doors, and that He will give you what you need in those moments of seeming hopelessness, He is there, Everyone is give a measure of Faith but as you carry it into the battle, your Shield will be your protection all around you as you move forward into the Destiny that God has for you! Be Encouraged! Your Faith is Your custom made by God, Shield!


Revelations of Identity

In this audio teaching of prophetic hope, Georgina shares with us some wonderful principles of God. Here are just a few to give you a taste of what you will hear from her. #1, Nothing surprises God, and He says, "I am going to erase the effects of this virus." #2, God has promised you double for what has been taken from you, and #3, He is creating in you a hunger for Him and what He has to complete in you, and there is more. Grab a pen and paper because there are more wonderful things you are going to want to write down. Please leave her a comment and subscribe to Georgina's channel for more encouraging words! (19:28)


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