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Keith's Blogs

They Took Dave, Not Me 8.14.13

...Dave and I are about the same age, and during the late 60's, with the war in Vietnam in full swing, the US military service would not take me as a volunteer because of a medical situation I had, the US Navy took Dave. Eight mounts into his tour of service while I was living a normal life, dating young ladies, working in a grocery store in Phoenix and driving my red convertible, Dave was slipping up the inland river network of Vietnam as part of the elite Brown Water Navy Patrol and was critically injured for his endeavors of trying to help free the Vietnamese people. ..
They Took Dave, Not Me  8.14.13


I was sitting  at my desk a couple of nights ago with tears in my eyes as I read the latest email from my dear friend Dave Roever. I have attached it as part of this blog because Dave and the call on his life mean so much to me.  In the email he shares  about his latest adventures in caring for some of the Wounded Warrior's of our nation.  It has been a great joy for my family, starting with my father, Pastor James Buchanan, now retired, to have personally known Dave and his wife Brenda for more years than I remember. My father was also  a veteran, so Dave and his story touched first my father and then me as he shared with us as a young evangelist in the mid-70's in the church my father pastored. You see what the enemy meant to destroy Dave, God turned it around to be a tremendous testimony of God's Mercy, Grace and Love.

Dave and I are about the same age, and  during the late 60's, with the war in Vietnam  in full swing, the US military service would not take me as a volunteer because of a medical situation I had,  the US Navy took Dave. Eight mounts into his tour of service while I was living a normal life, dating young ladies, working in a grocery store in Phoenix and driving my  red convertible, Dave was slipping up the inland river network of Vietnam as part of the elite Brown Water Navy Patrol and was critically injured for his endeavors of trying to help free the Vietnamese people. You can read his story at, http://www.daveroever.org/roeverstory.php

Like Dave many young men and women have returned from serving this great country wounded. Many are wounded not only physically, but also social, economically and more than anything else spiritually. 

My heart is so heavy for these wounded warriors, my brothers, and sisters of the Vietnam era, and now after the terror in the middle east, Afghanistan, Kuwaiti, and Iraq, my heart is heavy for this generation of warriors.  You see my Son, has been in Afghanistan, and is now stationed in the Pacific arena.  My wife's nephew was injured in the middle east, and I have both nieces and nephews that are serving in the military right now. When I hear what the Roever & Associates team is doing for those young men and women who come back deeply wounded, I want to tell everyone I know...'let us see what can we do to help them.' 

I say to all of you my  Beloved Friends   search your hearts ,what can you do to be a part of helping Dave and his team. Roever & Associates,  reach out to the Wounded Warriors to meet their physical, mental, social, and most of all spiritual wounds. To bind them up and bring healing to their hearts. They NEED our help.

This could have been me, but it was Dave.  As you read this I want you to remember, they are someones, Son, Daughter, Brother, Husband or Father who is in need.

I pray this touches your heart and you won't forget them.  Put them on your Daily prayer list, I did, and I have put http://roeverfoundation.org/ on my PLACES TO SOW SEEDS.  It really is CARING FOR THOSE WHO STOOD IN MY PLACE ON THE BATTLEFIELD like CHRIST HUNG FOR US ON THE SPIRITUAL BATTLEFIELD!

What can we do? Please start by reading the following letter from My friend Dave Roever,


ROEVER & ASSOCIATES                                   www.DAVEROEVER.ORG
Amazing! We are on the threshold of the most important days in the history of this organization!
Cali Ranch


Not only have we experienced dynamic growth in our programs with the United States military, but we are growing in the development of the "big picture." That "big picture" is to produce young warriors with a vision for God and country.

We have opened our programs at a fourth location! Many of you have already been hearing about it. You would need to see the magnificence to believe it. Sitting on a mountain top overlooking the most beautiful mountains in California, on over 12,000 acres, is an incredibly beautiful lodge. The dollar value for the facility is about $12 million, I've been told. Serving California, a nonprofit corporation, stepped up to the plate, bought the property and restored the buildings in accordance with many of my specifications. They then told me to use it for God's purposes and be a blessing to our military. Sometimes I feel that I am about to wake up from a dream. But this dream is real. The California facility is serving primarily, but not exclusively, our marvelous wounded warriors from the West Coast marine bases. It also serves our special ops teams allowing for healing among our Forced Recon Marines and Navy SEALs.

We have become inundated with requests and we are running programs in different states at different locations simultaneously. It has grown impossible for me to meet the demand. You may ask if it is necessary to go to different locations with the programs. Why not cut the cost and bring these military personnel to one location? In response, most of the service members who come to our programs are still active duty and it is necessary that they stay close to their duty stations. We have found that our programs are most effective in changing lives and bringing stability, if our wounded warriors hear our message of hope and resiliency before they are separated from the military. If I have ever needed prayerful support, it is now.

Running parallel to this expansion has been a stunning and amazing development. It has not been enough to just build ranches and retrain warriors, young heroes wounded for freedom's cause. I must now provide the tools for continued lifetime spiritual development. In the last four years, Roever Foundation has been developing an online school for Bible study for our military. In partnership with the fully accredited Global University, the School of Military Ministry opened July 26, 2013. This school along with the Eagles Summit Ranches will be the legacy of this corporation. July 26, 1969 on the bank of a river in Vietnam my life was changed forever. What the enemy of my soul tried to do that day was a disastrous failure. Instead of killing me, he only wounded me. And a wounded warrior is a dangerous thing. We rise up again with more determination than all of our military training could have ever ingrained within us. A wounded warrior is a greater danger to the enemy because he has nothing left to lose. Our marvelous, young heroes who have been so tragically wounded for the cause of freedom can now reconnect through our Eagles Summit Ranches. After having been restored, they can move into our online school of ministry and be armed with weapons of warfare that are not carnal but are mighty through God.

What is uncharacteristic is also common place with the Roever Foundation. We do not charge those who have been so generous as to be willing to surrender life and limb for the cause of freedom. How can I charge someone who has already given an arm and a leg? We scholarship our warriors through our Operation Warrior Reconnect programs at our Eagles Summit Ranches. Now we will scholarship our wounded warriors and active duty military through our military school of ministry and throw open the door of opportunity for success.

You can go online to Roever Foundation and click on faith-based. Look on the left column and click on the School of Military Ministry logo and take a quick peek into a miracle. Thank God miracles do still happen! If you or someone you know would like to take part in this educational opportunity for spiritual growth and higher education, please inform them of this website. Scholarships are available for active duty military and wounded heroes. I hope your love for our warriors is tweaked to the point that you cannot be disassociated and you will partner with me in repaying the debt that we owe to those who have preserved our freedom.

To scholarship our warriors is costing this organization millions of dollars annually. I cannot carry this load alone. Through your faithful support, our team (you and me), can overcome all odds by reaching deep into the past for the healing and reaching even further into the future with hope for our wounded heroes. Please accept my challenge to be part of the solution. Through the continued, generous giving of matching funds from Al Boenker Insurance in Fort Worth, Texas, your $1,000 gift will be matched by an additional $1,000 which compounds the value of your sacrifice.

For your designated $1,000 gift for scholarships, you become part of our "Club1000" and if so desired, will receive a beautiful plaque with our challenge coins to display, not because you gave $1,000 or more, but because you are a team player helping our soldiers win the war against suicide, divorce, and depression; against post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

When they come with no legs to our Eagles Summit Ranch programs, you can be proud that you helped them get back on their feet.

Please make no mistake, this is not about money, it's about ministry, overcoming and resiliency. Money only greases the wheels to success. It's the dirty part but the engine can't run without it.

Thank you for your support in helping us help our heroes find their way home.

God Bless you!


Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop us an email, or leave a comment below.

See you next time,

Pastor Keith



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