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Request Your Dream Interpretation

In God's Word we find many examples of dreams and their interpretations.  Each one of these examples show us how God used them to guide people into a  more perfect plan.  God sometimes uses dreams as warnings to protect us from the devices of the enemy.  What God did then, He will do now, because He cares about the lives of those who believe in Him.

First, we ask for a required $50 donation.  The Prophet invest much time in prayer to the Father concerning your dream, and your donation helps support this ministry. Your dream will not be interpreted until your donation has been received. (It will take just a minute for the Donate page to open up.) 

(Please understand this is a "service rendered" and is not tax deductible)

Second, click on the Email button on your right, and write out a discription of your dream.  Please keep it to three (3) paragraphs or less.  At the bottom of the dream include your name, city, state, and country.              Thank you. (It will take just a minute for the Email page to open for you)


When your dream interpretation is completed, we will email it to you as an Mp3 recording. (Please allow up to 14 days from the time we receive your request)  We encourage you to download it immediately, as the server will only hold it for 30 days. You can download it to your computer, IPhone, smartphone or place it on a CD.  This will insure that you will be able to listen to it over and over again so you will have a better understanding of your dream. 

We pray your dream interpretation will bring great revelations to you.

Testimony  - Thank you sooooo much. This has helped me a whole lot. You have no idea how much my spiritual eyes have been opened. Thank you so much for the teachings as well, I feel your genuine care and love for me and my life with Christ. You are so wise and full of grace and strength… I'm in another country, but I will keep in touch. Your teachings mean so much. Thank you sooo much again! God, bless you. I will pray for you, your family and your ministry!    RS

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