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You May Request



TOUCH STONES NETWORK is here to help you find answers that will bring you encouragement and understanding of God's plan for your life.
We are not professional counselors, or Doctors of Theology, we are however, men and women of God, believers and follower of Christ, and are Ordained Ministers of His Gospel with many years of practical life experience and Biblical studies.


We do however operate in the five-fold ministries and believe that  for answers you need to hear what God might have to say to you.  We also believe in the power of spiritual encouragement through,PRAYER REQUEST, ANSWERS TO BIBLICAL QUESTION, LIFE COACHING, or a PERSONAL WORD from the Lord!
Please go to the third drop down menu button WHAT IS YOUR NEED? click on it and select your choice.

The TOUCH STONES NETWORK team will provide for you the best possible answer to you questions we can provide based on the Word of God.
We believe God through His Word has the answer to touch your need.


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