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Featured Article

For the Storm Above Your Head is Now Beneath Your Feet

By Dana Jarvis
This is a short But Very Powerful Word from Dana Jarvis .(https://www.facebook.com/dana.jarvis.3
CLICK THE "READ MORE" it will take you to it!

Someone is needing to see this, read it and get it into your Spirit. This is for Your!
Thank you Dana for sharing this Word with us.
For the Storm Above Your Head is Now Beneath Your Feet

For the storm above your head is now beneath your feet!

This storm that was sent to destroy you will actually upgrade you. You will walk out of it with the authority to storm the gates of hell. We are the perfect storm taking down the kingdom of darkness.

I know you are dead tired. Every muscle aches. The wind howls over you. Rain pelts you from every angle. All you feel is frustration!

Remember this one thing. You know the Master of the sea, you know the Maker of the rain, you know the One who makes the clouds his chariot, and walks upon the wings of the wind.

He is saying, "Peace Be Still!" You are stronger than the storm! I am with you and you will not lose! You will not sink, you will not stay down! Your anchor holds!

Dana Jarvis

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