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CHOSEN BY GOD, America's next President

By Kat Kerr, Revelator
We want to share a NOW Word with you the family of TouchStonesNetwork. Revelator Kat Kerr shared this Word March 9, 2016. A Word from the Father about His plan for America. At the end of her written word there is a link to the video of A direct prophetic word from the Father about America's next President. Open your heart to hear this word from the Father which was posted on Keith Buchanan
CHOSEN BY GOD, America's next President

This is in three parts as posted on Kat Kerr's Facebook page

GOD Speaks

Last night the Father asked me to rest and I really needed it. This morning He said that He would talk to His children about Who He IS so there will be no misunderstanding about who is speaking concernign HIS plans! It will be about the AWE, POWER and MAJESTY of HIS person and HIS presence. He has shared only a little to me and I can barely function under the weight of HIS words right now. If you have never stood before HIS throne and wanted to know, try to prepare but it will not help you. He told me that HE will be holding our planet in HIS hand as HE speaks through the printed Words you will read. It will be a bit before I can type it all (but will be before the end of the day), so let everyone you know that would care that today their true Father, the God of ALL Creation will speak. Then in the next post, HE will give HIS comments about the person HE has chosen for President of America. Kat

Part 2

On God's own Timeline in His Throne Room, there is a mark that says "Kingdom Age" and therefore change MUST happen because it is now His time and no longer man's time to decide if God really exists or not. Do you know that even the secular world wants change in America? It is a good thing, because God has already started change even though some of His own do not see it as His hand moving on their behalf. This is the next post concerning the new President but in the video, I am not speaking my words, it is GOD SPEAKING to ALL His children. Because it was so powerful, we decided to let you hear it first and then tomorrow the typed version will be posted. God has truly chosen the next President for His purposes but He has also CHOSEN YOU to be an important part of this change. We all declare in agreement that His Will, His Way be done in our Nation! May His LOVE consume you.

Final Presidential post from the Throne Room:

Before I share what the Father's final comments are, I want to make you aware of some things to declare over; (Kat Kerr)

1 The liberal media is so terrified of this man as he is like no other candidate who will expose many things not only in the governmnt but in biased media. They were not expecting what he has already delivered so far and they are plotting together against him to flood FB and youtube with ridiculous stories and lies about him. You will see them coming from everywhere very soon as they want to STOP him. He cannot be bought because he does not need their buyout schemes nor their approval.

2 He does not need anyone's money and he is not about to throw his away in order to secure 'safe passage' in Washington. He is very dangerous because the people have already chosen him too and it is because God's hand is upon him. None of the elite can wrap their heads around this avalanche of support from the everyday masses. They will not figure it out because they will not consider that Heaven is involved.

3 Remember that there is another still to be included as half the team; the future Vice President (the unexpected one) who balance the new President. Declare over both the new President and the other half of his team. It will be a surprise for me too as God is not saying any names right now.

THE FATHER SAID TODAY: " Although I WILL win him to Me in time, I have not chosen this man to be your Apostle, your Prophet, your Pastor, your Teacher nor your Evangelist; I have chosen him to be your President - Donald Trump will WIN.

The following link will take you to the video of The Father's Prophetic Word given march 9, 2016


May God Bless America!  Keith Buchanan


Visitor Comments (1)

Praise God for sending Kat !!

KatI PRAISE God for this TIME to bring you in to our lives to open our eyes to know how much our father in heaven loves us and,how beautiful heaven is and how happy our loved ones are in heaven !! I have so much PEACE during this election knowing GOD is taking our Country back and I can't say how much you have changed my life Kat and I adore you and thank God for sending you at such a dark time here in America ! I have my host of angels and READY to start my mission for God with my ministry savingtheunborn.com to help end abortion and save souls during the kingdom age !! Hosts of angels let's KICK Satan's!@#!@during the kingdom age !! I am a super hero for God and kicking Satan's!@#!@is NOW!!WHOOO HOOO!!

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