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This is a powerful prophetic declaration by Russ Walden, I encourage you to print it out and post it, look at it and proclaim it daily!
....The Father says today, "Get ready for a backlog outpouring of My glory in your life! July is a month of explosive goodness and radical favor in the things that are before you. Do you want to believe the naysayers or the 'doom and gloomers,' or are you ready for a full measure and manifestation of all that I have promised?
This morning as I was doing my laundry, I was waiting for the spin cycle to complete. I began slowly walking back and forth praying in the Spirit. As I started walking the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of lions in a zoo pacing back and forth in their cage. They were agitated from being locked up, and wanting to be set free back into the wild. They were strong and muscular and when meat was thrown into their cage they devoured it. When they are released from captivity and get back out into the wild, they are going to take off running into the environment that they were created to live in. . .
The Father says today, "I am keeping you safe in the secret place of Most High. Regardless of what medical science says, or what the financial analyst says, keep your mind stayed on Me. As nations tremble and men shake and shudder, know that you are hidden in the cleft of the Rock, safe and secure under My mighty hand. As those around you see nothing but despair, I will show you My glory and make Myself known in the midst of the overthrow. Fear not, neither be dismayed for destruction and loss are not the bread of My table...
...The enemy has come to interrupt God's plan and to hinder the prophetic words that were declared through His prophets for 2020. This onslaught of attack has been sent 1) to cloud your 2020 vision, 2) to cause disorder, and 3) to break apart and cause turmoil in every direction. Nevertheless, God's Word will come to pass. Be encouraged, Beloved, every promise that God has made concerning this year is not void and will come to pass!...
"The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our God and His Christ. The systems of this world are now brought to their peril as the wheat of My making stands up, and the tares are taken away. Thus shall the righteous shine in the day of My salvation," says God.
"Two thousand years ago, I came off the Cross and announced to the enemy, 'I'll have those keys!' No one had ever talked to him that way, but that is the exact authority I have given you. The resurrection power that brought Me from the Cross to the throne is the authority I have imparted to you this day.
It can be greatly disorienting to be in a storm, especially when key information on the storm is absent. Generally, we are able to prepare, endure and outlast a storm by knowing how strong it is and how long it will last. Absent of that intel, we are ripe for all sorts of panic and misinterpretation of the storm. Most storms, when processed in the midst of the storms themselves, will tend to feel like they will last forever and/or that they will lead to our destruction. With the global pandemic of a virus and accompanying fear, we are in such a storm. The relevant, biblical passage for this time is Mark 4:35-41.
In the middle of all the mess that is being thrown up around us all, there is not much that can be called even normal. Business', schools and even some churches are closing their doors during this time of global crisis; remember that our Heavenly Father is, was, and will continue to be forever greater than any other. He is the one who is more than wonderful! He is the first, the last, and the everlasting one, and every name shall bow at the name of Jesus!
"that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth," Philippians 2:10 (AKJV)
The Father is preparing to fast-track you into destiny. He said, "It will literally be a suddenly. One day you will still be walking the parched and hidden desert road and then the next day you will be propelled onto the fast track."
For all who have been crying out, "When, O God? When?" The Father woke me with the words, "Tell My beloved: For so many people who will read this it has seemed that you are on hold, but your appointed time – YOUR APPOINTED TIME – is here. For I created you. I formed you in your mother's womb for such a time as this, child.
In the book of Genesis we read how God created the heavens and the earth. He created the waters, the grass, the trees, the sun, the moon and all the animals. In Genesis 2:7: The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. The same God of creation wants to fill you with His Holy Spirit After Jesus died and was resurrected, his disciples were gathered together in a house with the doors locked. Jesus suddenly appeared to them and said "peace to you". He showed them his hands and his feet so that they would know that it was truly him. Jesus repeated his greeting, "Peace to you!" And he told them, "Just as the Father has sent me, I'm now sending you."
The Lord has been speaking to me for the last year about bringing the body of Christ into a new level of normal in faith and a higher level of living in holiness.

The Lord showed me that right now both of these things are happening. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is coming upon believers to raise their faith to a whole new level to not tolerate, accept or live under things, circumstances and beliefs that are lower than the standard of the Word of God and what has been purchased for us by our beautiful Jesus. The Lord is calling us to a new level of normal living by not what we see but by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7) to live in the manifested victory of Christ like never before.
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