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Recently I heard the Lord asking a question to the body of Christ "Who told you that?". When He asked the question it felt piercing, it felt like the Spirit of God was "exposing" lies and expectations that many of God's people were living under that had not been spoken by the Lord. Suddenly I began to see the Spirit of God shining His light upon areas in the lives of God's people where they were living under 'expectation of man', limitations and words spoken over them that did not come from His heart.
Recently I heard the Lord say "STRIKE THE GROUND!" and the sense surrounded me strongly that this was the FINAL STRIKE.

I felt the Holy Spirit say that many have been in such an intense battle of late and many have been 'hit' again in many directions. The Lord showed me that many are facing an increase in the things standing against their promise in the last few weeks. He showed me that many were feeling like suddenly the manifestation of His promise feels even further way than ever. I saw many in a fight over their promise, fighting hard against fear, discouragement, despair, confusion.....
We are entering a season like no other. We have been experiencing revival meetings across the country and around the world and the presence of God will continue to escalate in the days ahead. There will be ministries of miracles, signs and wonders. There will be apostles and prophets arising but there will also be false prophets, so it is imperative that we are able to discern the difference. There are nine spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians chapter 12. One of the gifts is the "discerning of spirits". When I looked this scripture up in the Strong's concordance I found something interesting. The word "spirits" (pneuma) refers to the Holy Spirit, the human spirit and demonic spirits.) (Strong's G4151) This gift gives us discernment into all realms of the natural and the supernatural. . .
My daughter Monica overcame a MAJOR disease labeled as incurable and death 3 times with the WORDS we spoke, and SONGS sang around her. Our longtime family friend in New Orleans, Doug Potter, was robbed and beaten, left for dead after playing in a concert. He overcame this senseless attack that was life debilitating by the WORDS and SONGS being spoken around him daily by his family. These words are bringing the HEALING of Life instead of the Stealing of Life...
Sometimes, it seems like NOTHING in life is going our way, like there's no progress, no breakthrough, and no movement whatsoever. Everything looks barren ?— ?not a springing leaf anywhere in sight°.just cold, barren branches seemingly everywhere. In these "winter" times of our lives, it can be extremely tempting to just give up and scrap the entirety of whatever it is we feel we have poured ourselves into for so long. Oftentimes, we feel the most defeated right before we finally break through. Unfortunately, we have no meter to tell us how close we are to finally breaking whatever threshold has eluded us for so long. . .
...I hear many asking, "Why has this transition been so long? Have I done something wrong? Why is there so much confusion about my next step? Did I hear God correctly? If so, why has there been so much warfare surrounding me in the midst of all this change?" I believe emphatically that this transition is more fundamental than most, for it is a transition that is moving you into inherited territory and destiny combined...
Defining how you function in your current season of assignment will clarify your message and its application and help you lead others to the destination of a promise. To describe a season, I will use the metaphor of the westward expansion of the United States during the 1800s. In that expansion, three unique assignments were present – scouts, pioneers and settlers. Each one played a critical role in the settling of the United States, and if properly understood, these unique roles have an important application for us today as we invite segments of our culture to experience a God-birthed destiny...
... Recently the Lord put the FORERUNNERS AND PIONEERS on my heart heavy. There are many that are fore running right now and many pioneers who have been in such an intense battle and the fire has been so very hot. These forerunners and pioneers are "making way" are carving out the pathways that have not been walked before. They are walking with the Lord and following the leading of the Holy Spirit to move into unchartered territories, pave pathways that are seemingly "against the grain" and do what has "never been done before" in obedience to the Lord...
This article by Georgina was first published in 2014, but, today I heard, "someone needs this now". so here it is again. I believe it will help you find encouragement. Keith -----

Have you ever wondered what the Glory of God really looks like? I have. I have watched the great revival meetings of the past on video archives. Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth Hagin, to name just a few. I have read their testimonies, studied their behavior and actually met some of them in years past. One thing they all had in common was a tremendous hunger for God.
God is faithful to His plans. Nothing can block or stop His purposes on the earth. For instance, take the story of Jacob and Esau. In Genesis 25:23 the Lord spoke directly to Rebekah about the children she would give birth to when He said, "...Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger."

Although tradition dictated that the birthright went to the oldest son, Jacob convinced Esau to surrender it when Esau was desperately hungry one afternoon (Genesis 25:29-34). . .
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