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As a Prophetic Life Coach I deal with many folks who have lost confidence in their Identity, they just don't know who they are. Our heavenly Father has been speaking to me a lot about IDENTITY lately and He said, "...many of my people struggle with this every day." I wrote this article in 2013, and it is just as prevalent today as it was then. I hope it will bring you encouragement. . . . God has given you a special Identity and it is yours, and yours, alone. Don't let anyone or anything, try to take it from you. You are loved, Georgina
...I believe it to be quite important to understand what narrative we are living under at this time. It is also really important not to mix and match contradictory Biblical metaphors and narratives as being relevant at this time. I believe we have invited more angst than necessary by doing so. For instance, related to the opening question here is a follow-up question: Is Trump a Cyrus or is he a Nehemiah?...
Over and over again, in my mind these two lines played loudly: "Are you ready for a miracle? As ready as I can be!!!...
The sense of excitement surrounded me SO strongly that God is about to move in such a powerful way in the lives of His people and on behalf of His people that there is going to be a MAJOR increase in miracles. There is going to be a MAJOR turning of the tables. The supernatural power of God is going to be demonstrated in the lives of His people SO powerfully, unlike anything that has ever been seen before.
We have entered into perhaps the most revelatory year since the birth of Jesus and because of it, none of us will ever be the same. A day of so much disclosure is now upon us and by this time next year, we will be amazed at how different our world actually is from what we thought. The light we presently see by today, we will consider as relative darkness compared to where we will have advanced to by 2020. It will be an exceptional and even shocking revelation. . .
I know in my spirit that encounters are so close for many people, it will be the "outpouring" and "revival" that so many are looking for. But honestly, are we prepared? I don't say this to newbies as much as I say it to the saints who have known Him for a while. I am so excited about the coming move and you can hear many of the older ones in the Lord saying they sense it and that it is "at the doors." They "feel" it in their bones! There is a resonance, a "feeling" of it, just like you know it's autumn or spring because the temperatures are changing. You feel it in "the air." The atmosphere is changing.
Last night I had a dream and I heard the Lord say "Many have lost their song, but in 2019 it shall not only be restored but resound louder than before."
I then began to see CD's all around and the sense was the sound was LOUD.
As I have sat with the Lord and pondered this dream He spoke to me that this word is not only for worship leaders and those who sing, but also for those in the body of Christ who feel they have lost their voice. . .
What you're going through right now is getting you ready for what's about to happen to you next! In fact, your next is your now. This is your season to be creative. You will design things that are not from you, but from Him. I see strategies being downloaded from heaven and uploaded to you by God's chosen. People will be placed intentionally into areas of your life to help expedite your now into your next. During this time, the Lord will give you wisdom that will dwell with prudence and the knowledge of witty invention (Prov. 8:12). This is your time to take risks that may seem scary but are mandated by the Lord.
Recently I had an encounter with the Lord in the library of heaven. I stood in the hallway and lined on either side of the hallway were angels holding trumpets.

Suddenly on the Lord's command they lifted their trumpets and began to blow them heralding a LOUD invitation to the body of Christ.

I knew straight away that this was an invitation into new STRATEGIES being released by the Lord in the library of heaven. I looked above the door and it said "NEW WINE" and then it would change to "NEW WINESKIN".
This heralding of the trumpets so loudly declared that "NOW IS THE TIME" – the Lord is releasing clarity and vision for the new wine skin and for the new wine He is going to release. . .
A few nights ago, the Boston Red Sox finished off the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 and won the World Series of Baseball in 5 games. Also, Brazil elected Jair Bolsonaro as president. These two events are related in a way, and I will get into that. As many of you know, I believe most big sports events have an encapsulated prophetic message for us, and it speaks to the awesomeness of our God on how He pulls off that kind of thing. He is able to somehow superimpose important truths and realities into mundane sports events that grab the attention of the world. I will also speak into the present roller-coaster path of the Dow Jones.
Our walk with the Lord is a spiritual journey. Every one of us will encounter good times as well as bad times. Every one of us has a story to be told that will also set others free. As Christians, the way that we respond to difficult situations determines our destiny. Joseph experienced constant betrayal. His brothers threw him in a pit and then sold him as a slave. He was then thrown in a prison wrongfully, but through it all he never sinned and never lost his focus because he had a dream and was determined to see it fulfilled. . .
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