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Prophetic Words

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I felt a real urgency on my heart today as the US election approaches in a few days.

I saw a wind being blown into the body of Christ but it was not a wind sent by the Lord, it was a wind sent by the enemy. As I saw this wind blowing I heard the words:

"CONFUSION and DELUSION are about to rear their ugly heads in a greater way in the next few days leading up to the US election, but My people NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE, keep your eyes ABOVE and ON ME. Keep your eyes on My heart and crying out for a "DIVINE RESTART" and My RESURRECTION power to manifest.

Please CLICK on the TITLE for the complete Word.

Click on Title for the complete Word
HIJACK: commandeer, seize, take over, take possession of (google.com)
I have had a deep stirring in me the past few days regarding "seeming" delays and "closed doors". I could feel the atmosphere so "swirly" with heartache, disappointment and despair over "apparent roadblocks" that have risen up in the paths of God's people to "stop them from moving forward" into what the Lord had showed them was their promise and breakthrough. A spirit and fear and dread has been whispering "negative and false outcomes" to attempt to hijack the next 'shift' that is upon God's people.
The enemy is causing a "flare up" of issues in the lives of many believers right now, but that's because as you continue to stand and go deeper in Him, Jesus is coming with His mighty hand and UPROOTING the enemy in your life! The Lord knows how hard and long the battle has been. He knows you are weary! He is fighting for you!
This morning in the spirit I could hear the sounds coming against God's people shouting that death was coming to their promises and situation. I could hear the sound of "this isn't going to breakthrough", "you are about to be disappointed again", the sound of "the promise is dying" and the sounds were SO LOUD!
"A Spirit of Anticipation is blowing upon My people in this new month and for this new season. It is more than hope or more than wishing it could come to pass. It is an excitement. A real enthusiasm for something. Something that this generation has yet to see. The Word tells us in Romans 8 that even the whole world is feeling this anticipation. It is a joyful deep anticipation.
...The Lord says, no matter how things appear to be in the natural, you shall see My glory return. Just as in the days of old, I will pour out My Spirit once again. You will see wonders in the heavens above, and signs in the earth below. As you observe the days getting darker, I will raise up people to be My Light bearers to annihilate the manifestations of the kingdom of darkness. I am about to release My anointing in an unprecedented way. As the darkness increases, you will also see My Glory accelerate beyond what you have ever known...
You know it's a rhema Word from the Lord when He explodes a truth to you by using a Scripture you've read dozens of times in the past but never really thought of as anything more than an "introduction" Scripture - one of those passages of the Bible that seems to be telling you to get ready to pay attention to what you are about to read more so than the Scripture you're actually reading at the moment.
Over the past few days I keep hearing the words over and over "It's time to jump" and I saw many of God's people and they were standing on the edge of a cliff. Many were waiting for 'direction', many were at about to step into new assignments, many were were receiving downloads from Papa's heart and He was calling them to step out in faith.

As I looked at each person on the edge of the cliff there were TWO things in common.
As I was waking up to 2016 this morning, I heard the words in my spirit "Pioneers, new lands, areas and horizons await you."

I then saw the Lord bringing wrapped gifts before many Pioneers. There was a rewarding that the Lord was releasing to the Pioneers as they had continued to seek Him, and continued to steward and 'work the ground' of what He had called them to do...
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