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Prophetic Words

Please Click on the Title to read the complete Word.
Get ready to cross over into a new time in which things will not go the way they did in the past.
December is going to be a time of surprises and the release of new gifts and revelation. It is going to look strange at times as we are in the midst of a major transition.
Unexpected blessings and deeper insight and revelation are coming. . .
He is breaking many through into the NEW!!! There has been a cost, there has been a price, there has been pressing and there has been pain, but some of your greatest steps are before you. 

Many of you are meeting your 'point of catapult' into the NEW the Lord has for you. Even the unexpected steps are going to be ones to remember. Significant steps are before many leading them into a glorious NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER!!

For some of you, it is bigger and more overwhelming than you thought, dreamed of or imagined. . .
The Lord is building bridges of favour leading His people to unexpected but glorious new relationships and places. Be on the lookout for the bridges, connections and networks He is building before you for they are leading to a new level of birthing and catapulting.
Areas where there have been great "SIGHS" in the lives of God's people, there are sudden turnarounds taking place and they are becoming "SIGNS".
Where there has been great heartache, great sadness, great disappointment and pain, there is a turning take place. The turning of seeing Him work all things together for good. (Romans 8:28)
Keep standing position in FAITH and alignment with His spoken Word to you and trusting Him. "SIGHS" are turning to "SIGNS" of His goodness, . .
A wonderful friend of mine, Caryn Allan, sent me a message with something that she saw in the spirit concerning angelic hosts which confirmed what I had seen and also released an impartation for me into a deeper encounter with Him to see more of what was on His heart for frontliners and forerunners and the five fold ministry. This word comes out of that place.
The Lord has placed the frontliners, forerunners and fivefold ministry on my heart heavily lately. I have been releasing a few words for these ones as I have felt the heart of God and His encouragement for them, and I've been given a glimpse of what He is doing amongst them...
On Aug. 2, 2015 Shirley Hutson was in prayer when she heard the Spirit of the Lord say;

"This is the time, now, to hear what I say. Do what I do, say what I say. Trust yourself to hear my voice and see my movements. I'm making a way and I have made a gap for you to go through.?  This is all My doing. I'm dispersing you all into different directions. Even the "family" will be different!
For there is a harvest coming like this earth has never seen. There is a harvest coming to the remnant of God like this earth has never seen. There are a people about to arise and they arise from the wombs of women that have painfully sought the Lord in the womb; the womb that has been desecrated by the very legalism.

And God says, "The legislation of that which has said, 'We must destroy the children,' and he tried to destroy the children during the time of Moses but the Savior and the Deliverer arose...
And I heard God say this concerning the Kingdom Shift in Finances That's Taking Place in this Hour, Based on Deuteronomy 28...
"The season of second-hand blessings is over! The day of renting, leasing and borrowing for the faithful believer is over.
Now this is the time of the first-hand blessings - From My hand to your hand, says the Lord! The season of existing in want is over - when you had to have manna from on high to survive - the temporary blessing of just enough, to sustain you day to day.
I heard the Lord saying today that He is healing the "holes in the souls" of His people. There is a "sealing" of the holes in the souls of His people taking place right now.
God is dealing with the ENTRY POINTS OF SOULS in this hour. Areas in your soul that the enemy has targeted and has been bringing oppression, torment, fear, sickness,
I saw the Lord doing deep work in these "holes" in the souls of His people and placing a heavenly sign over where these holes were and the sign read "ACCESS DENIED."
Last January I released a prophetic word that April would be a time when new doors of opportunity would be opening. It will take "rising above" your current situation to gain higher levels of revelation. Well, opportunities are now knocking. Get ready to open the door and watch things begin to happen quickly.

It is a time of acceleration, but it might appear to take you by surprise. Just as the enemy brings surprise attacks, God is opening surprise blessings. These open doors and the release of higher-level revelation will require you to rise above your situation and circumstances. In other words, it might not look like a blessing at first.
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